5 Ways Organizing Your Home Improves Your Life

While the benefits to home organization are endless,
I have listed a few below that I find *most* helpful to live your best life.

  1. You save money. Aside from the initial investment, you save money when your home is organized. You spend less on groceries, household items, and clothing because you know exactly what you have already.

    This means no more overspending at Target or the grocery store because you’re able to survey your inventory prior to making your weekly trip. Can I get an amen?!
  1. You save time. The average person spends 2.5 days each year looking for misplaced items in their home. All of the time you spend rushing around your house each morning looking for your car keys really does add up!

    Simply put, when an item has a designated spot in your home, you won’t waste time looking for it (or arguing with your husband over where it could be, for that matter).

    That means a few extra minutes to enjoy your coffee each morning before you start your day… and I think we could all benefit from that!
  1. Your stress is reduced. Do you ever receive one of those “I’m stopping by to say hello!” texts and freeze? You look around and think, “my house is a hot freaking mess and I cannot have anyone seeing it like this!” And you proceed to spend the next 20 minutes frantically shoving toys, clothes, and miscellaneous items into cabinets, closets, and drawers to try to hide it all.

    When you’re organized, your belongings are contained and labeled. Cleaning becomes an easier and more efficient task, reducing your daily stress.

    I promise it won’t look instagram-worthy 24/7, and that’s okay. Because organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about making life easier, so when you friend announces her unexpected drop-in, you won’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as you once did. 
  1. Your diet improves. According to a 2016 study, “spending time in a cluttered and chaotic kitchen may cause us to double the amount of calories we consume.” If one of your 2020 resolutions is to eat healthier, you may want to start by organizing your kitchen!

    Another advantage to decluttering your kitchen: you won’t be reaching for expired items anymore.

    Ever heard of the saying out of sight, out of mind? When food is pushed to the back of the cabinet, you can only see what’s at the front; it becomes easy to forget what you have.

    Same goes for the items in your fridge. I often leave organizing sessions with 3 or more contractor bags of expired food items – not only a waste of food, but also a waste of money! Save your wallet and your waistline by tidying up your kitchen.
  1. Your productivity increases. When was the last time you started a task, only to get sidetracked by a million other little things, while trying to get said task done?

    Visual clutter = mental clutter. 

    It’s no secret that clutter distracts us; our lack of focus increases the time it takes to accomplish the most basic tasks. Establishing organization in our homes by creating systems and following routines boosts our ability to get what needs to be done accomplished.

Is your home organized?
If so, what are some of the benefits you have experienced yourself?

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